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Dura-ProTM Plus Perfect Iron Mat Combo
NEW Multi-Surface Component Mat SystemTM
Revolutionary Performance Mat SystemsTM Designed for the Home Golfing Range

2 Hitting Surfaces

Adjusts to any height golfer and club

Lightweight and Economical

Hit Down and Through

Use with Irons and Woods

Our Patented High Tech Mat Combined with a
Dura-Pro Plus WoodTeeTM Mat makes
the Perfect Iron Mat Combo!

The Perfect Iron Mat Combo Includes:
Our Patented High Tech Mat

Dura-Pro Shock Elimination Technology! NO CLUB SHOCK!
Exclusively from D W Quail Golf
Patented High Tech Mat

Super Shock-Absorbtion!

Swing as hard as you want...

as often as you want...

... without bone-jaring shocks to wrists and elbows!

Ergonomically designed practice mat
that soaks up shock like a sponge!

Includes 2 rubber tees!

Premium Turf :
Made with durable, knitted nylon turf. The turf is thermally welded to the underlying mat.

This welding process makes it nearly impossible for the turf to delaminate from the mat.

Most other mats are glued instead of welded and are more prone to delamination. The High Tech Mat is made from a premium-grade of nylon that will not mar clubs because of its high melting-temperature.

Revolutionary 3-D textile creates soft realistic feel.

Many consumer mats are made with inexpensive Polypropylene turf. Polypropylene is much less durable than nylon and will mar the club-face.

Finally, since the High Tech Mat's turf is knitted, instead of woven, the turf fibres are firmly connected to the mat. Woven products tend to wear out quicker because fibres pull-out during use.

Patented, Shock Absorbing Layer:
The most exciting feature of the High Tech Mat is the middle, shock absorbing layer.

This layer is composed of a light-weight, responsive material called a three-dimensional textile.

The 3-D textile consists of thousands of vertical polyester "springs" that respond immediately to the impact of the golf club.

The patented 3-D textile has an extremely open structure that allows air to escape during impact. The quick-response gives the High Tech Mat its soft, realistic feel.

Non-Slip Base:

Small consumer golf mats tend to slide during use. The High Tech Mat has a special non-slip material laminated to the underside to minimise slipping.

When the mat is used on a clean, dry surface, there will be little, if any, slip.

Revolutionary 3-D textile creates soft realistic feel.

Dura-Pro Plus WoodTeeTM Mat

  • Use real wood tees - get the real feel!

  • Hit down on the ball without the bounce!

  • Out performs similar mats on the market

  • 100% heavy weight premium nylon

  • Fade & UV Resistant

  • Use with Irons and Woods

  • Use real wood tees

  • 1½" 100% Nylon Heavy-Weight Premium Turf
    (competitors offer a light-weight turf)

  • 5mm Rubber Foam Base
    (competitors do not offer a base pad at all)

  • Industrial Bonded (not glued) for years of use

  • Fade/UV Resistant

  • Indoor/Outdoor use

  • Colorfast - will not stain clubs

  • Absorbs club shock

  • Place your wooden tee anywhere on the mat for extended life

  • Hit down and through

So what tops their mat?
OURS! Thicker IS Better! Buy Dura-ProPlusTM

  • 5mm Rubber Foam Base
    (competitors do not offer a base pad at all)

  • WoodTeeTM Mats may be used with woods, drivers and irons.
    Remember, no mat manufacturer will accept returns on a mat that has been chopped up from an iron being used like an axe. Improper use of irons may cause damage and is the consumer's responsibility. Use caution with irons. Remember, rotate wood tee position for longer mat life.
Dura-Pro WoodTee long dense fiber system allows you to hit down on the ball without the "bounce" that other golf mats have.

Most golf mast use a rubber tee and you have to adjust to it. WoodTee Turf accepts a real wooden tee allowing you to chose your tee hight for various clubs. Rubber tees can obstruct your club-head at the point of impact giving you a different feel than you get off a real tee.

WoodTee Turf Long Dense Fiber System solves the "fat shot problem" most mats have. If you hit down on the ball properly, the club passes freely "down and through" the ball. You will feel the difference in a fat shot because the long fiber system will slow the club head down as if you have taken a deep divot.

With a typical golf mat, the club would "bounce" on the mat for an unnatural feel and false results. WoodTee Turf is made of spring-set grass-like fibers that move, absorb and dissipate the downward blow of a golf shot simulating the feel of taking a divot.

WoodTee Turf actually lets you hit down on the ball so you can practice proper impact, which dictates the quality of a good shot. With WoodTee Turf, you get a true feel so that you know if you have struck the ball fat, think or just right.

Long Dense Fiber is 1½" high bonded to a reinforced foam pad. The foam is designed to give the mat a good feel as well as weight it down.

Get the Real Feel with a Dura-Pro PlusTM WoodTeeTM Mat Today!

Perfect Iron
Mat System
Dura-Pro Plus Multi-Surface Component System
Perfect Iron Mat Combo Includes:
Our patented Iron Mat Combo System is only available here

The Perfect way to Practice!

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Buying a Dura-Pro PlusTM Mat Guarantees Years of Use!
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